Thursday, August 4, 2011

New project : Aoharaido!

Hello, Nylon here!
When I come back from my break, I will be releasing the first chapter of Aoharaido! I will also be releasing the third chapter of Hakushaku To Yousei! Yaaaay (^v^)

Also, new layout to commemorate the new addition! O(≧∇≦)O I didn't work exactly hard on it, but whatever~ Aoharaido looks absofreakinglutely adorable and cute, I love Sakisaka Io's works! They're all so refreshing and gives you this pink, fluffy feeling on the inside. But what I'm extremely loving right now is Kou, he's so cool and he's not cliche like those other 'bad boys' are. He actually gives a damn about Futaba in the beginning instead of later. And I loved his personality when he was younger. But what I love the most is FUTABA'S PINK HAIR. She has freaking beautiful pink hair y'all. And I freaking love it.

PS- do we have any kpop fans out there? I've been obsessed and hooked onto MBLAQ's new album lately!