also known as: ao haru ride, blue spring ride
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SUMMARY----- shoujo, romance, comedy
Yoshioka Futaba is a very cute girl, and it's been known since her middle school days. Because of her attractive looks, many boys looked after her; but of course, with that comes the jealousy of females and led to them ostracizing her. Although Futaba's dislike for males was known, there was one boy that she didn't find as repulsive: Tanaka Kou. They were the feelings of love that she could never get across to him.

Now in high school, she acts as an unladylike, sloppy girl with a large appetite so that the events of jealousy can never happen to her again. However, she meets a guy who looks just like Tanaka Kou... except his name is Mabuchi Kou now?! As time goes on, old feelings resurface, but with a new twist. With each day that passes, Futaba starts to revive how she truly is, and is determined to restart her life the way it should've been: the way she wanted it to be.

chapter one
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chapter two //// upcoming
chapter three
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