What program did you use to edit?
I use Corel PSP XI, it isn't as fancy as Photoshop, and it takes much longer to redraw the lines, but it works well for me. Although it is too time consuming. (I admit that proudly.)

What does "Nylon Lungs" stand for?
I read the Korean version of Nylon, a wonderful magazine, and I was looking at one of their shirts which had an image of lungs. Creative, I know.

Are you recruiting?
I recruit when I say I recruit... and although I haven't said it, I'm recruiting right now. ;P I'd love some Japanese translators for Hakushaku to Yousei, however!!

When do you release?
I release whenever I finish, which takes a while for me to do alone, considering that Hakushaku to Yousei is about fourty-seventy pages per chapter. For Aoharaido, I will probably release every other week or so.

Do you take requested projects?
I sortof do, please request for them. However, if I dislike it, I will not translate. But mostly, I choose projects that I'm interested in translating. :)

How did you learn japanese?
Self taught baby right here! I'm interested in the Asian culture, and I really want to learn as much Asian languages as I can. (but then again, I'm asian, so of course I'd be interested...ehe.)

Where do you get your scans?
I get them from everywhere, and I credit. (I swear, I do!) 

Can I host your projects?
Yes, you sure may, but please wait for three days before uploading them. The only exception is on MangaFox, which I personally submit myself.

Why did you drop [project name]?The only reason I ever drop a project is if I'm bored and sick of it. (or if it's licensed, this isn't exactly legal, if you know....)

How can I contact you on anything?
You can either message/comment on these posts or to this blog, or you can do that same on the livejournal account. (link is on the left.) We're in the process of getting an email account.