April 30th is the official creation date of this little getup right here. May 2nd was the first official release for Nylon Lungs scanlation group, which is Hakushaku to Yousei! ^^ I began this little roundup here because I was waiting so long for the next chapter of HTY to release... which was oh so long, and then I noticed no group was translating it. So I picked it up and began translating... which is the hell of the worst idea I ever had, because it was so long and time-consuming. It was fun though!! ^^;; Aoharaido was officially picked up on August 4th, because of admiration for Yoshioka Futaba's hair. Hell of a reason, no? Kekeke ^^

An admiration for pink hair can go so far as to learning Japanese yourself.... just kidding, I didn't learn it because of Sakisaka's brilliant idea. Or maybe I did. No, it was because sometimes subs for animes would come out too slow. No, it was because I wanted to learn Korean and Japanese came along with the package. Keke. ^^ After vigirous days of starvation, reading kanji from old, ancient scripts and learning the way of the Japanese from Buddhist monks with whips in the depths of despair far out in the mountains, I came out stronger than ever: peace at mind, thin, and knowing Japanese. (yes, I actually did go through this process, don't even try to deny it!) No, it was more like learning from iPod apps and websites and books... but they all work the same way, don't they? Eh? Eh? No? Uhuhuuuuu =A=

Anyway, I'm asian (pre-established), I love kpop, manga, animes, kdramas, fashion, photography and drawing... so if you have any of these similarities, DON'T BOTHER HITTIN' ME UP, I ALREADY GOT FRIENDS. Just kidding, please do talk to me, me gusta people ♥ ♥ ♥ No, I'm not kidding.