Thursday, August 4, 2011

New project : Aoharaido!

Hello, Nylon here!
When I come back from my break, I will be releasing the first chapter of Aoharaido! I will also be releasing the third chapter of Hakushaku To Yousei! Yaaaay (^v^)

Also, new layout to commemorate the new addition! O(≧∇≦)O I didn't work exactly hard on it, but whatever~ Aoharaido looks absofreakinglutely adorable and cute, I love Sakisaka Io's works! They're all so refreshing and gives you this pink, fluffy feeling on the inside. But what I'm extremely loving right now is Kou, he's so cool and he's not cliche like those other 'bad boys' are. He actually gives a damn about Futaba in the beginning instead of later. And I loved his personality when he was younger. But what I love the most is FUTABA'S PINK HAIR. She has freaking beautiful pink hair y'all. And I freaking love it.

PS- do we have any kpop fans out there? I've been obsessed and hooked onto MBLAQ's new album lately!


  1. Hello^^ I come from Sencha Project International and have question to you, but I don't want to write this here. This is group's mail I didn't found your mail. Wait for mail byebye


  2. me! me! I'm a kpop fans~ I have a bloggy for kpop perfs too~ omo i'm soo~ jealous of you =< you can read japanese. I can't speak (nor read) japanese well even though I took japanese twice. I guess foreign language isn't my thing. ;>>

    As for my obssession with kpop artists, I'll just say I love too many artists. It'll probably take one full page to list =D. My list just keeps getting longer as more artists release...

    AND thank you for all your hard work~~ <3Raven<3 *o*

  3. as a korean, I'm also into k-pop, also in k-indie. but nothing surpasses my love for classical music! <3

    I would want to work as a translator as well, but I guess I'd be too slow and my translation wouldn't be accurate.
    If you're looking for a manga you can scanlate, I recommend "Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken". It's similar to hakushaku to yousei since it's also historical XD regrettably, the last scanlation group that worked on it dropped this awesome series. it's funny, lovely and exciting!
    I can't wait for releases of hakushaku to yousei :3

  4. Hey nyonlungs, are you still up translating Hakushaku to Yousei? I'm really interested in helping out... I have found the raws etc but I cannot understand ;'l

    You can contact me here, - I really want it to be scanlated cos they don't have it in my country and I can't really afford to order it online...

  5. Hi , I was wondering, can you put english subs on the videos ? :)