Monday, May 2, 2011

First release... ever!

Hello, hello, hello! Nylon here. ♡ (yeah, that's my new ultra cool name, deal. I'd like to stay anon, thank you very much.) I'm so excited! Well, after some hardcore translating, I finally managed through Hakushaku to Yousei's first chapter. (≧∇≦) Woo, wasn't that a long one! Although a lot of people already translated the first chapter, I'm still really proud. The textures sometimes got me and I placed a box over them, (I know, so not professional.) (・ε・) I think I did a good job for my first translation ever! These words... are definitely difficult, and I had some help from the anime and the light novels... kekeke. Oh well! ヽ(´▽`)/
If you haven't read or watched those yet, you're missing out!

Anywho, enjoy!! This manga will definitely be difficult for lil' ol' me.
By the by, the banners at the beginning and end are made by me, so please don't edit or steal them.
In past sites I've been at, they've been stolen. (´;ω;`) NOT COOL GUYS.

Starting chapter 2, as of now! This is so fun for me! (^v^)
Please support the author by light novels too...
Arigatou ♡♡♡♡

Hakushaku to Yousei || CHAPTER ONE: overview
Lydia receives a letter from her father, inviting her to come to London for some quality time! However, while on her way, she gets mixed up with some men, and finally meets a man named Edgar. Edgar, being a conceited, playful and also quite serious at times, claims he a descendant of the Blue Knight Lord, and must find the legendary "Sword of the Merrow" to prove his lineage. Lydia's confused- it's her first job as a fairy doctor, but... what if Edgar's not the real descendant of the Blue Knight Lord, and helps out a fraud, and helps out the criminal who murdered 100 people in America... who looks just like Edgar?

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